We have recently completely refurbished our kennels in response to an ever increasing number of guests looking to bring their four legged friends' on holiday with them.

We treat all dogs on an individual basis and we are more than happy to listen and discuss any special requirements whilst your dog is on holiday with us. The building is fully insulated and has heating and air conditioning to ensure your dog stays snug and warm during the winter months or at night but cool in summer or during the day.

We offer raised beds with a vetinary grade fleece bedding to maintain a high level of comfort and cleanliness. Alternatively if you wish to bring your dog’s own bedding we are more than happy to accommodate your request.

We have a designated enclosed exercise area adjacent to the kennel and have access to the whole farm so there are acres of fields and woodland for them to run around in plus the lake to swim in (should they wish).

The kennels are self livery, they are fully secure and insulated and you will have constant access throughout your stay with us.

Prior to arrival all dogs should be fit and in good health and we recommend they are fully vaccinated (including Distemper, Hepetitis, Leptosporosis and Parvovirus). An up to date certificate must be provided on arrival, The Kennel Cough vaccine is also highly recommended but not compulsory, however, should you decide to have this vaccination, it must be done at least 10 days prior to your stay with us.

Where the owner has requested for two dogs to share the accommodation, the owner accepts responsibility for any incidents that occur. It is understood that whilst every effort is taken for the care and wellbeing of your dog they are left at your own risk.